ADHD Coaching


On-Ramp-To-Adulthood Coaching


Coaching is a treatment that focuses on the present and the future. We don’t spend time looking at past issues, feelings, thought patterns, or relationships. Instead, we work where the rubber meets the road! Bring your backpack, your planner, your hopes and your dreams. Using strategies, tools and activities, a coach helps clients unlock the potential that already exists within them. During coaching, student clients will receive support with their organization, time management, self advocacy, homework/project management, future planning, and cognitive flexibility.

Coaching sessions should take place weekly and will be 45-55 minutes in length and consist of; coach/client rapport building, strategy/tool introduction or review, school-based discussions, action tasks, and plan building for post-session momentum. Student clients may be asked to bring the following items to sessions; laptop, homework, important emails about future planning, login information for learning platforms and/or activity schedules.

Ideally, clients will work with their coach for a minimum of 12-14 weeks.

Parents are an integral part of the coaching process. They may be invited into session at the start or end to ensure that support is being fully wrapped around the student client.

Coaching clients are young adults who have (or are open to cultivating) a growth mindset. They should be interested in personal growth and self awareness, and be willing to learn more about the heights they can reach through actively strengthening their executive function skills.

Clients do not need to be independent goal setters or high achievers to thrive in coaching. They simply need to be open & willing to uncover their true potential and step out of their comfort zone to gain new strategies.

ADHD Coaching is for people ages 13 and older. Since the diagnosis includes challenges with executive functions, treatment targets are super practical. We aim to help with: task prioritization, time management, organizational strategies, avoiding procrastination, managing schedules and belongings, developing personalized study skills, improving motivation and follow-through, and optimizing the strengths that come with ADHD. Find your peak hours of performance. Find how you best learn. Find how to set and meet your own goals. Parents—ADHD Coaching is a great way to reduce conflict at home. Let our coaches help your kids with homework management, so you can focus on a better relationship with your child.

On-Ramp to Adulthood Coaching is for people ages 16-25. Particularly for people with psychiatric symptoms—ADHD, learning challenges, anxiety, depression, OCD, and autism—moving from high school to adulthood is a big challenge. In fact, mental illness can send even the most academically talented children home from college after the first semester. “Adulting” is hard. Coaching helps people identify their strengths and challenges, their goals, and can link them with community supports and agencies to facilitate growth. Coaching helps young people identify and develop not just academic and occupational skills, but also the life skills needed to be successful in adulthood.