How Much Do You Handle?

The level of demand that can be easily tolerated varies over time, and from person to person. This level depends on a lot of things, which can be summed up in the idea of “resources.” Resources are the things we need to meet our demands.

  • Energy

    Sleep, diet, exercise, taking care of the body, medications as prescribed, absence of illness.

  • Balanced Emotion

    Previous/ongoing stressors are dealt with appropriately.

  • Help & Support from Environment

    Demands are reasonable, help is available, failure is not dire, time constraints are okay.

  • Appropriate Allocation of Priorities

    Not requiring yourself to execute perfectly, doing the best you can with your available resources.

It is normal that some people can handle more, some less. These differences need not be judged. A lot of us compare ourselves to other people and think we should be able to do as much as others. This comparison is often somewhat biased, and important factors are not taken into account. We may have a naïve view of what other people can do, and really overestimate how much they can do. This sets others on a pedestal and then we feel inadequate when we cannot climb that same pedestal. When we fail to recognize that oftentimes we create those pedestals; the other people are really just standing next to them, not on top of them.