Robert Golda

Robert Golda M.A., LPC is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist. He received his Master’s Degree in counseling from Concordia University. He has experience in private individual therapy, group therapy, therapeutic day schools, alternative schools, within the community, and inpatient hospitalization settings for almost nearly a decade. His skills are diagnosing, counseling, and providing support to patients and students who are going through emotional and psychological struggles.

Robert is a compassionate, empathetic, and solutions-oriented professional dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for adolescent and young adults experiencing trauma. He has a track record of success in working with diverse client populations on a one-on-one and group basis. Robert is an effective motivator, communicator, and advocate with an inherent ability to manage all types of personalities, defuse stressful situations, proactively resolve issues, and meet and achieve challenging goals and objectives. With the innate ability to establish rapport quickly and build trust, this gives him the opportunity to relate to individuals on all levels. Robert’s goal is to instill a positive change among mental health clients through demonstration of behavior counseling, case development, and direct care.